Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In case you didn't believe me... regards to the craziness of my child. Not sure where he gets this daredevil side from! Here he is jumping off the couch into Daddy's arms...over and over again. And once without Daddy there. Oops.

Photoblog is updated!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fourteen Months

Xavier is at such a fun age! I feel like I need to do a better job of writing this stuff down, so here’s an attempt at a little update on my big boy…

Ever since we left his grandma’s house a month ago, Xavier has been a bossy little fellow. He heard my mom telling the dog to sit and get down, which in Xavier-speak became “Dit, dit, dit!” while pointing his finger at the same time. He tells random dogs to dit, tells our kitties to dit, occasionally tells us to dit. When Grandma Hill took him to the park last week, a woman was working on training her dog and Xavier helped her out by chiming in with…you guessed it… “Dit!”

Xavier is now a climbing machine. Climbing chairs, sofa, toy chest, whatever. Thank goodness he hasn’t figured out how to climb out of the crib yet. He likes to attempt to pull pictures off the wall (especially one picture of Uncle “Date” (Nate) spinning a basketball), find and hide (really, we are missing one!) remotes that are above the couch, and play in the curtains.

It seems that Xavier may end up having a musical (Mueller?) side to him. He loves to sing with the radio and sing in church and he’s pretty into dancing too. When he dances, he gets the whole body moving, not just a head bob. In church, he likes to sing when the organ is playing even if it is not a hymn and nobody else is singing. Today he combined his climbing and singing abilities by climbing atop his toy chest that has a radio on it and using the antenna as a microphone.

Xavier loves to read, but we mostly stick with board books. Just today he ripped out three pages of Polar Bear, Polar Bear (at least it only cost $5 at Kohls)… He is obsessed with Eric Carle books and in particular, Brown Bear, Brown Bear. He will find that book even if it is hidden on his shelf. He likes to hold our index finger and use it to point and he turns the pages in anticipation. I found out today that reciting Brown Bear in the car even without the book works as a calming method. And yes, that means that I can recite it word for word. Not too tough when you read it, oh, four times a day.

This is for Xavier’s uncles…Xavier loves to play ball! He has a bin filled just with balls and I think about half of his play time consists of shooting hoops (which might also include putting Christmas ornaments through the hoop). While Daddy is big on monster jams, Mommy is working on getting X-man to tuck his elbow and shoot with one hand. He’s a good passer and rebounder and is unselfish with the ball. He also has quite a pivot move where he walks away from Mommy or Daddy four or five steps, quickly pivots on one foot and sprints back at us. This should really open up the court for him once he is facing defense.

Speaking of Christmas ornaments, Xavier was positively enthralled with our 3 foot tall Christmas tree. We have since removed all glass ornaments (and vacuumed up the two shattered ones) as well as the ornament hooks. I don’t think he can do much to destroy the other ornaments and supposedly he left the tree alone at his babysitter’s house except for the Mr. Potatohead ornament. He did pull our tree over once, but I’m fairly sure his tears indicate a feeling of remorse.

We love this little guy SO much!!
(I’m on Matt’s computer, so I’ll have to add pictures later)