Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleep issues

And this video gets its own post because we need help!

When we moved into our new house, we moved Xavier into his big boy bed. He slept in it great for about 5 nights and then Jordan was born. The first night we were home from the hospital, there was a huge thunderstorm and ever since, he was been afraid of the big boy bed and has been sleeping in the pack and play (crib is already moved into Jordan's room).

Then this happened. And the days of the pack and play are over. But he's still a little scared to be in the big boy bed by himself and his room just has a folding door, so he comes walking out screaming, "Mommy!" We've resorted to reading him to sleep or laying with him until he falls asleep. Anyone have any better (quicker) ideas? I don't mind reading him to sleep at all except it's not exactly practical on the days that Jordan happens to be awake at that time! Also, the length of his naps has greatly diminished since this switch too and he's been so tired in the late afternoon.

Not fun!


Here's a couple videos from the last couple of weeks! I always forget to upload these in a timely manner...

Don't watch this unless you want to hear a crying baby. I uploaded it mainly to tease my husband.

My boys hanging out together...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Future Photographer

It looks like Xavier might want to follow in his mommy's footsteps someday! Here he is telling me to "cheese!"

By the way, who taught him "cheese" anyway?! Not me! Jessica Dankenbring, was that you?! ;)

His camera bodies of choice right now are the Flip camcorder (how did he get that?!) and my lens cap.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Logo

I'm working on a new website for my photography business and want to update my logo to go along with it. SO...I was just playing around a little this morning and would love to have some opinions on what I was coming up with.

I would like the logo to reflect my personality and my business along with being univerally appealing. This would be on the top of my website and forms along with being a watermark on top of photos I post on the blog.

Which do you like the best?

PLEASE leave me comments or email me with your opinions! Thanks!

It looks like the first and last are the most popular. Jamie suggested in her comment to switch the colors of the last one around. So here's what that would like for a fifth option.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Papa!

(This is before Papa took Xavier to the Cardinals game--just the two of them--last week. Xavier had just woken up from his nap and was not interested in raising his hat to look at the camera!)

Hope you have a great day!
Xavier and Jordan

Thursday, September 10, 2009

To the point

Xavier has had a shortened prayer that he uses before a meal when he is very humby (hungry). He says "I prays. Amen." (Or is it "I praise. Amen."? We'll have to ask him when he's older...)

Tonight he came up with a new version of short prayer. It was "Guest. Bless. Amen." Can you figure out where he got that??

Two brothers

For those of you not on Facebook who have not seen most of these already, I'll post a little collage of my two boys together. It's getting better...I don't think B Jordan has been intentionally harmed in a couple of weeks now! However, sometimes the intention is good and the result is not! (click to see bigger)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Month one

Dear Jordan,

September 6th. That means it’s been one month since your daddy and I drove to the hospital, checked in, and waited for you to make your appearance. A month of sleepless nights and sleepy days. A month of watching your big brother adapt to sharing time with you. A month of learning to be a mommy to two boys. A month of multiplying love.

From the moment Xavier knew that you were growing inside me, he started calling you “B.” And from the first moment he laid eyes on you in the hospital, he started calling you “B Jordan.” You’ve become B-Jordan to all of us now, so much so that I’ve been asked a number of times what the B stands for. I wonder if I’ll be telling your high school friends someday that the B-Jordan is really Baby Jordan.

Xavier loves his little “B” so much, but wasn’t used to not being the only one around. The jealousy began shortly after Daddy headed back to school. You’ve been sat on. You’ve had pacifiers shoved in your mouth, sometimes while you are eating. You’ve been squeezed a little too tight and some affectionate pats have turned violent. But by the end of this month, I think Xavier has accepted that you are here to stay.

You are growing up and changing fast. Your newborn clothes don’t fit anymore and your cheeks and belly have doubled in size. Today at your one month appointment, you weighed in at over 11 pounds! No wonder I thought you had grown!

And since I know that you are quite possibly my last baby, I’m lamenting that fact. I’ve stared a little longer and snuggled you a little closer. And I’m trying to daily remember that controlling the chaos that sometimes is our life matters less and taking the time to love you and Xavier matters more!

God has so richly blessed our lives with you, Jordan, and this month has just been a small glimpse of that!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Two keys

(click to see bigger just how sad it is when you throw your toys out of your bed)

Two keys (blankeys).

Xavier is attached to a certain blanket named "key." We have two of said blanket, rotating to allow sufficient laundering. When we first moved into this house, he expressed to us how his life would never be quite the same if he could sleep with both of these "keys" at the same time. In fact, he would murmur "two keys" with a note of wonderment in his voice, that he might be so blessed.

The bedmates continued to shift.

Two keys and Diapey Bo.
Two keys, Diapey Bo, Diapey Kitty, and Bible.
Two keys, two bos (bears), two puppies, and Bible. (Diapey Kitty was undiapered and reclaimed by Erica).

Currently, two keys, two bos, two puppies, two monkeys, and two lions.
(The Bible stopped making an appearance in bed after a few fits of throwing everything out when he didn't want to nap)
(Monkey seen in photos above stolen from care package for Jordan...thanks, Dankenbring family!)

Did I mention that he is also currently sleeping in a pack and play because the big bed is scary (thunderstorm) and the crib is already in Jordan's room?

It's a little crowded in there.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Not just the camera

I really hate when people look at my photographs, like them, and then comment, "You must have a nice camera!" While I will fully admit that having a "nice camera" makes a difference, photography is much more than just clicking the button of a expensive piece of equipment. And I was reminded of that fact today when I saw these photos from the photographers at The Image is Found, all taken with just a Polaroid! It's fun to see what they came up with and how they composed their shots, even just using a not-so-great fully automatic camera!