Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas program

A couple more videos!

Xavier's preschool class participated in the church's Sunday school program and had a few songs to sing.

Here's the boys practicing at home:

(they are choosing to clean, not being forced to! I need some kids cleaning stuff, huh?!)

And here he is at the real deal, acting as if he had never heard the song before and he had to follow all the other kids. Oh well...better than last year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ruffer pum pum

My boys are OBSESSED with the little drummer boy this (usually Jars of Clay version), book, movie, etc.

Watch for yourself...

(Sorry about the blinding glare off of Jordan's bare skin...his mommy greases him up after bath time because of his eczema :)

And this is how Jordan dances...

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Just made these:

for my MOPS meeting on Tuesday and Xavier's preschool teacher on Wednesday.

I have the right amount for both, so I most withstand temptation now!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Thoughts...Christmas edition

1. So we never did Santa Claus growing up. As in I never believed in him. We have made no effort to explain Santa to Xavier and he currently refers to him as NOAH. :) I have not tried to correct him.

Tonight when Matt put him to bed, he wanted to read Noah's Ark in his Jesus Storybook Bible...just getting in the holiday spirit, I suppose.

2. Santa Claus is not real. But if he was, he could not come down my parents' chimney because they had a new cap put on it. You know, so wild animals couldn't get in their house via the chimney.

But apparently that new cap trapped one rather large wild animal in their chimney instead, so he came out to play a few days later. Mr. Raccoon was reportedly 2 feet long and trying to scratch his way into an upstairs bedroom at 2:30 am this morning. The rest of the day involved missing church to deal with said wild beast, calling animal contraol, and cleaning up the huge mess he left behind.

3. This is what I want to get my dad for Christmas. If I only was $34 richer...

4. Our Christmas tree currently only has shatterproof red balls on it and they are all located on the northern half of the tree. Quite beautiful if I do say so myself...

5. I usually have my house fully decorated by the end of Thanksgiving break, but I'm moving more slowly this year. We'll see if anything else actually makes its way out of the boxes.

6. I'm considering putting battery powered Christmas lights on my running stroller. Is that strange?

7. We have continued to sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" every night as we blow out our Advent wreath candle. Thanks for the new tradition, Xavier!

8. Today was my last photo shoot before Christmas/the end of the year. Yay...I survived. Now a bit more editing and card designing to do...or a lot.

9. When I stay up really late editing, I sometimes sleep on the couch so I don't wake Matt up. And I leave the Christmas tree on. Love it...

10. Can't find all of my Christmas music and it's driving me crazy. At least I have boys to sing for me. Xavier has been singing "Prepare your hearts, Oh joy, joy..." (learned it in preschool). They are singing in church a week from today, so it will be interesting to see how he responds. Please note last year's "singing" at MOPS.