Saturday, October 31, 2009

Silly boy

Today in the middle of church (combined Reformation service for the North county churches), Xavier decides he's ready to leave. He pats Grandpa's leg and says, "Stay here, Grandpa" and tries to walk away.

Pumpkin Patch

Two weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch with my parents and Erica on a rare day this October when it was NOT raining. (It was already kind of muddy then and it's rained SO much since then!) But we live about a two minute drive from Thies Farm and I'm so glad Xavier got to go to their "Pumpkinland" on a nice (albeit a little cold) day! Jordan stayed sleeping inside his stroller except for a few pictures. And I did take a LOT of pictures that day! Here's some of them (okay, it's a lot, but Grandma in California who has never been to a pumpkin patch is waiting to see them)!

Big tire that spun around...Xavier would have just stayed in here the whole afternoon!

And Erica could have done this all day...and she pretty much did!

Big tire swing

Sitting at the top of the slide...smiling in anticipation (notice the lady behind him wondering when he's going to finally go!)

Smiling down at Grandma

The maze for little ones

Loving the big slide with Daddy..."Again?" (must have gone down a dozen times!)

This picture makes me mad. Seriously mad. I have so many perfect pictures of them together. But how often is there a good picture taken with me in it?! Ha!

Nope, it doesn't happen. I even changed out of sweats in the off chance that we could get a family picture. Should have just stayed comfortable ;)

Jordan says what the heck is going on?! (Nice shoes...thanks, Aunt Katie and Rylee!)

Ready for a wagon ride

Smiling at Aunt Erica who was swinging with him

More Party??

I can't believe I forgot to post this earlier! A few days after his birthday, Xavier requested "more party"? So he got out the party hats himself and put one on and put one on his sleeping little brother. At the second "more party," B Jordan was expected to catch a ball thrown by big brother! (Check out his eyes watching him!)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cookie monster

Heard a few minutes ago:

Daddy: What do you want for dinner?
Xavier: Cookies!
Daddy: No, we don't eat cookies for dinner. Cookies are dessert.
Xavier: Cookies?? Okay, cookies. (his oh-so-convincing way of trying to get us to give in)
Daddy: No, you have to eat something first. Do you want chicken?
Xavier: Cookies!
Daddy: Do you want soup?
Xavier: Cookies!
Daddy: Do you want noni (macaroni)?
Xavier: Cooookkkieeeeeess (whining).

Helpful big brother

I'm in the kitchen and I hear Xavier. Here are some phrases that never have a positive outcome...

Eyes, B Jordan, eyes!
No more sleeky, B Jordan, no more sleeky!
Pacifier, B Jordan, pacifier.

Always taking care of his little brother :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jordan's baptism

Here's a short little clip of Jordan's baptism. Watch the pacifier! I think this must have been the Spirit moving! The crying is NOT Jordan...nope, that's Xavier crying for his mommy!

It took me a couple of weeks to be able to watch this video without getting mad at Xavier :)

Sesame Street Cupcakes

I wasn't planning on making these. Really, I wasn't. But I left a picture of them (yes, I was looking at them online) open on my computer and Xavier saw them and got SO excited. So I gave in...

Cake making is not one of my talents. But it is one of my sister-in-law Jamie's talents, so I recruited her to help! We had so much fun making these, although it was a little stressful at the beginning...check out this mess!

While Jamie and I made cupcakes, Xavier, along with his daddy and grandma, got to pet stingrays at the zoo! (This was his 3rd time petting them!) This video is kind of long, but listen for Xavier's giggle when he touches them.

Xavier's Birthday

Xavier's actual birthday was on a school day for his daddy, so we did most of our celebrating later. But I had set up streamers and balloons for when he came down for breakfast. I told him he had a surprise downstairs and he said, "Daddy?!" Unfortunately, he had slept in that day and Daddy was already gone. But he was very excited about his surprise!
(By the way, who thinks that I might never get around to posting pictures of our "new" house? But you can kind of see the living and dining rooms in these)

Xavier loved watching his birthday slideshow! ("Again?!")

We spent the rest of his birthday going to our Little Lambs playgroup, watching Erica run her cross country meet, and eating dinner and opening presents at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Jordan's pretty excited about the presents too!

And here's a couple of videos of Xavier on his actual birthday
(I apologize for my father yelling at the baseball game on the TV in the background :)

(If you listen carefully, you can hear one of Xavier's signature lines..."I broke it.")

(Edited to add: Xavier just watched these videos with me and went to get his little cart to reenact them. He is currently throwing it on the floor and saying "oh no, X!")

And at the end of the night, he got to go with Daddy to pick up Grandma Hill from the airport!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grandma Hill

Grandma came out from San Diego to be there for Jordan's baptism and Xavier's birthday! We were excited to show her our new baby and our new house as well as how much Xavier had grown since summer. Before she left for the airport, we tried to take a few pictures of her with all her boys, but as you can tell, Xavier was not really in the mood. At least he looks cute running in his little San Diego Chargers sweatsuit from Grandma, right?!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Month two

**I'm a little behind in posting this!**

Dear Jordan,

You’ve only been around for two months now, but it’s hard to imagine life without you. Even Xavier would say so. In fact, he asks me, “Where’d B-Jordan go? Where’d B-Jordan go?” often when you are still asleep after he wakes up in the morning. Perhaps instead of waking you up, he should learn to sleep longer.

You were baptized this month into God’s family. We were so blessed to see you welcomed as a child of God and pray that with the support of your godparents, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Katie, and Aunt Erica, and the rest of your family, you might grow daily in faith.

We can tell already that you are our peaceful, low-maintenance, laidback child. At your baptism, it wasn’t you screaming and squealing in surprise. No, that was your brother yelling for his mommy the whole time. Jordan, know that to get some attention somedays, you’re going to have to make a bit more of a fuss. It’s okay for your brother to learn that he isn’t always the center of attention.

In the last month, we have seen your personality develop. You love to smile and coo, especially when your mama or your grandma are talking to you or when you are in the bathtub. You spend a lot of that awake time watching us and worrying, furrowing those eyebrows of yours.

At two months, you are growing bigger and BIGGER each day. The day before your baptism we had to buy you some new pants because you had outgrown your original outfit. Apparently only 6% of the two month old population outweighs you. Perhaps this means that you are no longer in need of that middle of the night feeding? Let’s see what we can do about that.

Your baby acne has finally gone away, much to my relief. But it was only to be replaced by cradle cap, followed by a slowly receding hairline.

Yep, I’m smitten, in love, with a balding, chubby, little man.


Friday, October 16, 2009

I really need to...

That blank could be filled in with many things, but one of them is...update this blog! I need to post pictures of Jordan's baptism and Xavier's birthday, I know! But I'm a little behind on editing. So for now, here are the invitations we sent!

What?! You've never been to a Sesame Street baptism reception before??

(I printed these back to back as a 5x7 flat card through my professional lab)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Someday I'll update too...

Go to my sister-in-law Jamie's blog to see a couple of pictures from our baptism/birthday party on Sunday, plus the handmade gifts she made for the boys!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Xavier turns two today! It's hard to believe that he two years old already (I know everyone says that, but it's true!) Hopefully I'll get back in the next couple of days to write about what he's up to at the age of two. But for now, here's a slideshow of the second year of Xavier's life.

Oh, and don't be scared off by the length of his 1st birthday slideshow. This one is only 9 minutes long! Ha! :)