Friday, May 9, 2008


I was changing X's diaper today and looked down and realized he was clapping! I didn't teach him this and I'm wondering if he learned it with his babysitter or if he just picked it up? I'll have to ask... So the rest of the night he was clapping. In his exersaucer he was using this pattern...Rock, rock, rock, rock (he thinks it's a bouncer even though it's not!), Clap, clap, clap, clap...cheering himself on I guess.

I had a great day with my little boy. We went to garage sales together (neighborhood wide sales close by) and got a few toys for cheap--a little stand up table that Xavier wouldn't leave once he started playing, a set of wooden blocks, those plastic shape blocks that go through the matching shape hole in the lid, a couple of books...all for $10! It reminded me of "big trash day" in our neighborhood when I was little, when everyone set out their "trash" and you could pick anything up. I got a Lite Brite for free! (Can you tell I liked big trash day?!) Although our stuff wasn't free today, we sure didn't spend much money.

Xavier only napped 30 minutes TOTAL all day, probably because we were out and about. I hope that means he sleeps in...maybe until at least 6:30?!

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