Monday, July 28, 2008

House Projects

At the beginning of every summer, I have a list of things that I want to get done. Not all of them will (as usual), but I was proud that I got a couple of projects done around the house today!

I did a little update in our bedroom. We have this nice furniture from my aunt, but I was a little tired of the green color. So yesterday I spent a few hours and 6 1/2 cans of spray paint changing the bed and nightstand to a chocolate brown color. My finger and my forearms are feeling it a little today (oh--and I got a little sunburn too)! Here's a peek at the room (still have some other stuff to update). The art above the bed is hung too high because I just stuck it on the old nails...If you were wondering, here's the before picture from when we had first moved in 3 years ago.
I also finished up Xavier's room... about 10 months late. This wall above his changing table had been blank because I was still deciding. I finally got some of my favorite photos framed...Xavier with his parents and godparents. I really like the way it turned out!
I also hung an X (thanks, Jamie T!) and put another X on his bookcase (thanks, Jamie M!) and hung a framed picture made from one of my cards from his baby shower (thanks, Aunt Bonnie!)
I know this isn't that much in the whole scheme of things, but I was proud of my little projects!

Do you like the changes I made?! Leave a comment!

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Jamie Mueller said...

Everything looks great! I'm proud of you!