Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fantasy Olympics!

Matt and I are competing in our own fantasy first foray into the fantasy sports world. Matt used to make fun of people who were into fantasy sports, until he tried it himself. I insisted that we used only American athletes so that I don't have to cheer against the USA!

Here are the rules: (

Scoring: Every individual gold medal is worth five points. Every silver medal is worth three points. Every bronze is worth one point. Every team gold medal is worth 10 points, every team silver is worth five points and every team bronze is worth two points.
Bonus points: If your athlete winds up on the Wheaties box, you receive 10 points. If your athlete makes the cover of Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek or ESPN The Magazine before the Olympic torch is extinguished, you get five extra points. If your athlete is a flag bearer in the closing ceremonies, you get two points. If your athlete makes a public protest about Tibet or Darfur, you get one point.
Oh, and be very careful with your picks -- every athlete busted for doping will cost you five points.

And our teams...
Track and field--Sanya Richards, Allyson Felix, Reese Hoffa
Swimming/Diving--Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff
Gymast--Nastia Liukin
Boxer--Demetrius Andrade
Wrestler/Weightlifter--Dremiel Byers
Wild Card--Venus Williams, Serena Williams
Team Sport--Men's Basketball
Track and field--Bernard Lagat, Jeremy Wariner, Adam Nelson
Swimming/Diving--Ryan Lochte, Aaron Peirsol
Gymnast--Shawn Johnson
Boxer--Rau'shee Warren
Wrestler/Weightlifter--Brad Vering
Wild Card--Donnie Robinson, Steven Lopez
Team Sport--Softball

We'll keep you updated on the medal count!

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Jamie said...

my guess is that you're winning so far rachel, just saw Phelps on Sports Illustrated too! go team rachel!