Monday, June 29, 2009


A lot has happened since I last posted. So here's what's been going on, bullet style.

>I survived photographing 2 weddings and 12 portrait sessions in 15 days. It was crazy and I'm still finishing up editing on the last couple of sessions, but I loved it!

>We managed to pack up our house in about 3 days and were pretty much exhausted by the end of it! We closed on our house in CO on the 18th and my dad flew out the same evening. He drove with me and Xavier to Missouri the following day. We survived the trip all in one day with minimal stops thanks to the DVD player and Bear in the Big Blue House. Matt stayed for the movers coming that day and then drove with the cats on Saturday, so we were all back together for Father's Day. We had a great Father's Day celebration with a barbecue at Aaron's house!

>Our house we were buying fell through about a week before we were supposed to close (appraised low and the seller wouldn't budge). So we moved with no home and started house shopping on the Monday after Father's Day. We made an offer on another house on Tuesday and found out it was accepted on Wednesday. We are praying that everything works out with this house because we really love it! That being said, it has been vacant for 2 years and needs a lot of work on the outside especially! Let me know if you are interested in painting, moving, or yardwork! :) We're hoping to be able to move up the closing date since this baby's not too far off!

>Xavier is loving the time at his grandparents' house right now! He continues to LOVE Erica and is always asking, "Where'd Erica GO?" Other variations on this question include Bapa (Grandpa), Unca Nate (this question originally started when Nate's picture came off his wall in his bedroom in CO), Hylee (Rylee), etc. Xavier is talking SO much now and learns new words every day, along with putting together new sentences ("I go swimming pool." "lasagna" "I climb." etc.) He has a new favorite friend--Diapey Bo--a bear who he insists wears a diaper all the time...I think he's practicing for baby brother.

>It was SO hot here when we first got to St. Louis and it has finally cooled off a little for this 33+ pregnant woman! I had swollen feet and hands the first few days, but it's getting better now. We've spent some afternoons with the kiddie pool and sprinkler in the backyard for Xavier!

>Matt's mom got us an awesome little camcorder (Flip) for our anniversary and I will try to load up some videos soon!

>Thanks for everyone's prayers for us. It is so obvious that we are blessed and that God is guiding our every step and move! We are so thankful for his guidance and presence!

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