Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Xavier...always talking

I need to post on here more often...especially some of the funny things that Xavier says. Are all two year olds so funny?

Here's a few things he's said lately.

He knows that when Daddy leaves us he has to "go teach the kids." I think that has become somewhat synonymous with "go away." Because the other day, Matt was teasing Matt and tickling him with his foot and Xavier said to him, "Go teach the kids, foot!"

Most of the time, he wishes that we all could be together. "No teach the kids." "No teach the track practice." "No teach the basketball game." If he could just have a stay at home daddy and mommy, he would be happy. Well, and maybe Grandma, Grandpa, and Erica too. Couldn't every day just be a holiday with our whole family together?

He's obsessed with the singer Brandon Heath. He used to think that Brandon Heath was his daddy as evidenced by him calling the songs "Daddy sing." This started months ago. Now he knows pretty much all the words to "Give Me Eyes" and "New Daddy Song" (known to the rest of the world as "Wait and See"). He wants to hear them everytime we get in the car. He sings them a lot. He sings them while wearing no shirt and six daddy ties around his neck. He sings them while jumping on the bed and playing a tambourine. He sings them while wearing an elephant head from a costume on his head. He sings them while playing Erica's guitar and his piano. I have recorded all of these...

He is upset that Jordan can say Da-da-da-da-da and Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma, but he never says Za-za-za-za-Zavier!

This morning he told me "No kisses, Mommy." I said "just one" and gave him a kiss. Then he told me "just three, Mommy" so I gave him three more kisses. Then he yelled at me..."That was four, Mommy!" Apparently, he's doing simple addition these days?

I'll try to record more of these things as he says them so I don't forget!

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