Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Proud of my Jordan

Yesterday was a LONG day that included a memorial service for Grandma at the nursing home and saying thank you and goodbye to all the workers there who had blessed Grandma the past three years.

And as usual, Jordan was dragged along through it all. And was such a good little boy through it all.


We were walking through Walmart and Jordan spotted a big bin of balls.

And OUT came the pacifier, UP came the arms!
And he shouted, "BALL!"
And proceeded to throw a little fit when we drove by them.

Oh, his mommy was so proud! :)

So this might be an appropriate time to share this video of him playing ball with Grandma (even though it's close to a month old...oops).

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Dana said...

Reminds me of the time when Michael was around 2. We were looking for dad's birthday present. I said something like I wonder what we should get Grandpa. Michael responds, Grandpa Ball, Grandpa Ball. So we went and picked out a whinnie the pooh ball for my dad for his birthday. He still has it to this day (7 or so years later) and plays ball with all his grandchildren.