Friday, November 2, 2012

It's time, Rachel.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

A tattered homemade burlap and felt banner bearing these words graced the door knob of your grandma's guest bedroom. 

I don't know how old you were, but young enough to be confused by those words and young enough to require rereading for understanding.  Old enough for it to have made a lasting impression on you.

Life.  It's beginning now, Rachel.  You're starting over.  Tomorrow.  Or incidentally, today, since you stayed up too late.

Irregardless, the time is now.  The time to begin anew.

Time to run.  Time to love and to love recklessly.  Time to step out of your comfort zone.  Time to get up ten minutes earlier and not be late.  Time to forgive.  Time to make new friends and foster old friendships.  Time to hold the baby and read to the five year old and cuddle the three year old and pet the cat.  Time to think about how someone else is feeling.  Time to make the phone call.  Time to catch up.  Time to forgive yourself.  Time to remember and to learn from the past.  Time to turn off the TV and pick up a book.  Time to laugh and even be silly occasionally.  Time to read your Bible and reflect on His word.  Time to eat your vegetables, but some cookies too.  Time to trust and to open your heart.  Time to let others in.  Time to give.  Time to give a second chance.  Time to stop yelling.  Time to let the anger go.  Time to see the other side of the issue.  It's time, Rachel.

Time to do the things you love, the things on your heart.  Time to appreciate the gifts that others have.  Time to vaccuum.  Time to not worry so much when your kids spill on vacuumed floors or your husband doesn't notice you vacuumed them.  Time to notice when your husband goes out of his way to help you.  Time to jump in the leaves.  Time to go for a walk.  Time to see the beauty rising from the ashes.  Time to turn up the music.  Time to wait patiently for the three year old to finish his sentence.  Time to stop complaining.  Time to stop making excuses.  Time to stop sighing.  It's time, Rachel.

Time to remember birthdays.  Time to surprise others.  Time to listen to your body.  Time to appreciate your body for what it has done and what it can do.  Time to install a gate at the bottom of the steps.  Time to pray with your kids.  Time to pray for your kids.  Time to file the paperwork.  Time to take a deep breath.  Time to make a mess painting and cooking with the boys.  Time to try something new.  Time to say thank you.  Time to realize that it's not all about you.  Time to take the first step.  Time to commit.  Time to open up.  Time to be thankful.  Time to admit where you are weak to the One who is strong.  It's time, Rachel.

And now, it's time to go to sleep.
Because soon it will be time to start again.

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