Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fun times with Family

We were so happy and blessed that my parents and Erica decided to spend their spring break visiting us! Thanks for putting up with a crowded house, a stressed out daughter, and even running errands and cleaning for us! Somehow I think a little boy named Xavier might have had a little to do with that. (Note: my parents go on "vacation" and do things like vacuum my whole house, change the oil in my car, etc. I'm not complaining! Matt always jokes about how they never sit still...)
Xavier loved all the attention he received! Actually he's been slightly crabby since they left, maybe because he's not getting quite as much?
Aunt Erica was so good at entertaining and playing with her nephew!! They had lots of fun together. Xavier would scoot across an entire room to get to Erica and her electronic Uno game! Grandpa bought Xavier his first basketball! Another thing to chew on... But we'll start working on fundamentals soon :)
In other news, I resigned from coaching track on Wednesday (long story that I'm not going to write about on here). I will miss the kids SO much, but it was the right thing to do. I think I will enjoy the extra time with Xavier.

We are heading to CA today! Pray that my baby boy likes to fly or that our flight isn't too crowded! We are taking a really late flight so we could be in San Diego for Easter. I won't be updating my photo-a-day blog while we are there but I promise I will take pictures and post when I return!

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Jamie Mueller said...

I LOVE Xavier's face in the picture with Grandpa!