Saturday, March 29, 2008

San Diego!

We had a great trip to San Diego and it's taken me a while to get through the hundreds of pictures from the few days we were there! So I'm finally posting now.

Our little boy was great on both of the flights (much to our surprise!) He slept through most of them and when he was awake, his mommy and daddy let him watch the Directv that they have on Frontier flights. He doesn't get to watch TV normally, so he was excited :) The worst part of the flight was that our carseat was lost! They really could have lost any other piece of our luggage and we could have survived for a day or two, but we couldn't even leave the airport without the seat. They eventually loaned us a fairly crappy substitute, but we didn't get to bed until well after 2 am with this delay in the airport!

I spent most of the Easter Sunday service sitting outside on a bench with my little talkative boy (cryroom and narthex were already packed with other kiddos), but Matt and his mom enjoyed it! Easter was a great time for us because Xavier got to meet his great grandparents for the first time! We spent a couple of days there with them and they were the epitome of doting grandparents! I'm surprised they have any hair left with all of the hair pulling they let Xavier do :)

We had fun taking Xavier around--to the park with his great-grandparents, to the Coronado beach, and to the Scripps Aquarium with Grandma. Thanks for a wonderful trip!
Notice the lipstick on his forehead :)

I love his hair blowing in the wind!

Outside the aquarium:

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