Saturday, February 21, 2009


Xavier knows and says more and more words all the time! He gets a little shy around others, so I think we are the only ones who hear a lot of those you'll have to take our word for it :)

I've been telling him that I have a baby in my tummy for a while now and letting him pat my tummy...probably a little confusing since I just look chubbier, not that much pregnant yet. He can say "baby" really clearly now and today he lifted up his own shirt, patted his tummy, and said "baby." I think Matt was a little disturbed by this.

We were out and about today and on the way home, Xavier started muttering "humby, humby" over and over back in his carseat. Then he did his own sign language for eating (picking pretend food out of his palm and putting it in his mouth), so I'm fairly certain that was his version of "hungry!"

He's been telling people "die, die" and waving for a while now, but he's finally started to say "bye" some of the time. A needed change!

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