Thursday, April 2, 2009

The day after the blizzard...the zoo??

Last Thursday during spring break, after a wonderful winter of lots of 60 degree days, we had a blizzard. Actually, we only ended up getting 9 inches of the predicted 16-22 we were supposed to get, but it was enough! But by Friday, we were stir crazy enough and the weather had gotten warm enough that we decided to go to the zoo! Matt was worried there might be a lot of other people who had the same idea, but there were approximately...7 other groups of people there! It was great to be able to let Xavier run around freely (especially when he got over eating all the snow) and we circled the whole zoo despite it being only about 40 degrees. At least the sun was out!

Here are some pictures inside a section of the bird house. You can see Xavier watching the birds fly back and forth overhead...and then clinging to Mama for protection!

By the way, there was a mountain lion there that wanted to kill my son...literally. He was stalking him, eyeing him, jumping around to follow Xavier's spastic movements. I have a picture of the cat, but it doesn't convey how creepy it really was so I'm not posting it!

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