Monday, April 13, 2009

Poor Diego

So when your house is on the market, pretty much the last thing you want to deal with is a throwing up cat. We think Diego is having issues stemming from hairballs, so we decided as part of his treatment to have him shaved. (Not to mention that he's been carrying around some extra mats in his extra furry coat since Xavier was born...kitty neglect?! oops...but better than child neglect, right?!) So on Friday, we took this drastic step and this is what our poor kitty looks like. Kind of like a strange combination of lion and rat!!
The worst part of this whole ordeal? Lulu's reaction. She won't stop hissing at him, even now over three days later. What a mean sister.

On a side note, my dad told me that growing up on a farm, he learned that when an animal gets in the way of how you're living life, you do something about it. But since I don't own a gun and I think it would be hard to give away a matted, throwing up cat, this was our best solution. :)

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Jamie Mueller said...

Oh man....poor baby!!