Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Craft Night

Last Friday night, Jamie, Erica, and I had a craft night! Pizza, brownies, candy, soda, sewing machine, ribbon, scrapbook paper, leaves, laughter = good times together! You can see Jamie starting to teach Erica how to sew in these pictures.

Xavier and I had picked up leaves a couple of weeks ago and dried and Mod Podged them. Erica and I strung them to make a garland for my fireplace.
I got two other projects done, but I can't show you yet! Jamie made 10 burp cloths with fabric and ribbon sewed on for her booth at a craft fair in December. We stayed up until 1 am talking and working!

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Jamie Mueller said...

"SEW" much fun!! I love these pictures...especially Erica's face!