Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween is not too big of a deal to us. That being said, we had 3 different opportunities to dress up--at our Little Lambs playgroup on Friday morning, Trunk or Treat at church on Friday night, and a little trick or treating with his dad for Xavier on Saturday night. Here are my boys!

When I asked Jordan what he wanted to be for Halloween, he told me he would to wear Xavier's hand-me-down costumes for, oh, the next 7-10 years. How convenient. Thanks, Jordan! He is wearing his costume here on Sat. morning at the LHSN district cross country meet.

Notice Xavier's handmade treat bag made by his Aunt Jamie! It had an "X" appliqued on one side and a pumpkin on the other.

Xavier LOVES his helmet! Thanks for the costume, Grandma Hill!

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