Saturday, July 10, 2010

Father's Day...just a couple of weeks late!

So I was very excited about our surprise for Matt this Father's Day for three reasons...

1. I made him a slideshow that incorporated videos and photos and I've never done that before.

2. I had it done early and didn't have to stress myself out over it at the last minute (actually WAY early because I had to have it done before we left for California).

and 3. I kept it a surprise until Father's Day! I'm known for giving away surprises and handing over presents shortly after purchasing them. But I managed to not tell Matt beforehand and kept Xavier from telling him about "Daddy TV" too.

So even though I had this done a long time ago, I waited to share it until now because I remastered it with the pictures from our CA trip in it here's the final version!

Thanks, Matt, for being a wonderful father and role model for our boys. We love you so much!

(and thanks to my cousin Rebekah, as usual, for helping with my music selections!)


amyhaus said...

Oh yes, I watched all 10 minutes. :) So good! Your kids are very lucky! And you've inspired me to make one for Eric for next year....better get started now. ;)

Rachel Hill said...

Hmmm...I wonder how long I would have made it if youtube didn't have a 10 minute limit? Haha. Now I need to get going on Jordan's birthday slideshow...because you know I would feel guilty if child #2 didn't get one after child #1 did. sigh.