Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Month three

Dear Xavier,

Three months old! That means you are officially no longer a newborn. You sure don’t seem like that little baby we brought home from the hospital a few months ago. Your daddy told you last night that you looked like “a little human.” I think he meant that as a compliment since he still thinks other babies are weird and wonders why you are so much cooler than any other baby ever.

Celebrating your first Christmas meant that first you had to endure a LONG car ride. As worried as we were about this trip, you probably cried a total of ten minutes the whole time (although I think you’ve cried every time you’ve been put car seat since…unsure if the ride will be 5 minutes or 13 hours).

Since we arrived in St. Louis, you’ve been showered with attention and love from your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives and friends. You’ve done a lot of showing off for them…maybe that’s the reason you figured out how to roll over from your tummy to your back and how to walk while Daddy holds you up and how to move yourself around in circles in your activity gym. We even found you giving yourself kisses on the little hanging mirror. You didn’t let the new bed and new house affect your sleeping patterns and have continued to sleep at least 8 hours a night!

We also discovered this month that you have quite a voice! Or maybe quite a temper? You really don’t cry all that often, but when you do, everyone can hear you! I overheard someone in the mall saying “such a little baby with such a loud cry.” You and I have spent some quality time outside of church after you were demonstrating your lung capacity during Christmas services. Were you just letting me know that you aren’t really a big fan of sweater vests? Even though you sometimes hurt my ears, I’m secretly glad that you are little strong-willed and independent.

The most exciting moment of this month was when you became a baptized child of God. You were a little mixed up because most babies sleep until the pastor baptizes them and then scream, but you did the opposite! You are so blessed to have your uncle Nate and cousin Rebekah as your godparents. They already love you so much and are excited to help you grow in your faith.

Your daddy and I know that this Christmas we received the two best presents ever—and both were little babies.


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