Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Header

I finally updated my header when I realized the picture was from over 6 months ago! oops... Also my photography blog is updated as well. Jamie had updated hers and inspired me to do mine as well! Thanks!


Jamie Mueller said...

It looks so great! I LOVE it!!

Jamie said...

LOVE the header. One question though! How'd you get him sleeping with such great light around him? Or is that your flash? I can't do that with my little least I don't think I could.

Rachel Hill said...

Good question!! It was on his birthday and we were up in Breckenridge and he hadn't been sleeping good at all--I guess because of the altitude. So after a night of not sleeping, he passed out for a few hours in the afternoon. Then we had to wake him up so I opened up the window to get the good light because I was trying to wake him up anyway!! :)