Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleep issues

And this video gets its own post because we need help!

When we moved into our new house, we moved Xavier into his big boy bed. He slept in it great for about 5 nights and then Jordan was born. The first night we were home from the hospital, there was a huge thunderstorm and ever since, he was been afraid of the big boy bed and has been sleeping in the pack and play (crib is already moved into Jordan's room).

Then this happened. And the days of the pack and play are over. But he's still a little scared to be in the big boy bed by himself and his room just has a folding door, so he comes walking out screaming, "Mommy!" We've resorted to reading him to sleep or laying with him until he falls asleep. Anyone have any better (quicker) ideas? I don't mind reading him to sleep at all except it's not exactly practical on the days that Jordan happens to be awake at that time! Also, the length of his naps has greatly diminished since this switch too and he's been so tired in the late afternoon.

Not fun!


amyhaus said...

Ugh! The notorious no nap afternoon crab! I hate that. Caleb has learned to stay in his big boy bed based on a lightlight. He only gets to use it if he sleeps in his bed. Of course we have to go in and turn it off after he falls asleep. If not, anytime he wakes up- in the night the small light keeps him up! Good luck...

Holly said...

We put a bed rail on the big boy bed initially to help the boys feel more secure. Eventually it came off of course. Andrew has always been more difficult when it comes to naps and he had issues when Noah first made his appearance. Mr. X looked so proud of himself for climbing in and out in and out. Little stinker!