Monday, September 7, 2009

Two keys

(click to see bigger just how sad it is when you throw your toys out of your bed)

Two keys (blankeys).

Xavier is attached to a certain blanket named "key." We have two of said blanket, rotating to allow sufficient laundering. When we first moved into this house, he expressed to us how his life would never be quite the same if he could sleep with both of these "keys" at the same time. In fact, he would murmur "two keys" with a note of wonderment in his voice, that he might be so blessed.

The bedmates continued to shift.

Two keys and Diapey Bo.
Two keys, Diapey Bo, Diapey Kitty, and Bible.
Two keys, two bos (bears), two puppies, and Bible. (Diapey Kitty was undiapered and reclaimed by Erica).

Currently, two keys, two bos, two puppies, two monkeys, and two lions.
(The Bible stopped making an appearance in bed after a few fits of throwing everything out when he didn't want to nap)
(Monkey seen in photos above stolen from care package for Jordan...thanks, Dankenbring family!)

Did I mention that he is also currently sleeping in a pack and play because the big bed is scary (thunderstorm) and the crib is already in Jordan's room?

It's a little crowded in there.


Dana said...

kids are so funny. I am sure his collection of sleeping compantions will continue to grow. Emily and Micahel have a whole supply - and at times I wonder how they really fit into the bed. We did buy it for them as a sleeping tool, not a toy box right? :)

Jessica Lyn Luebbe said...

Too funny!! Rilyn is the same way-she went thru a phase of needing at least 5 things in bed!! She's a bit better now, but still has blankie and Elmo!

Anonymous said...

I think I know what story he was reading the last time he had his Bible in bed...although I don't remember keys on the ark. they had to be there somewhere...

<3 rebekah

Rachel Hill said...