Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Month one

Dear Jordan,

September 6th. That means it’s been one month since your daddy and I drove to the hospital, checked in, and waited for you to make your appearance. A month of sleepless nights and sleepy days. A month of watching your big brother adapt to sharing time with you. A month of learning to be a mommy to two boys. A month of multiplying love.

From the moment Xavier knew that you were growing inside me, he started calling you “B.” And from the first moment he laid eyes on you in the hospital, he started calling you “B Jordan.” You’ve become B-Jordan to all of us now, so much so that I’ve been asked a number of times what the B stands for. I wonder if I’ll be telling your high school friends someday that the B-Jordan is really Baby Jordan.

Xavier loves his little “B” so much, but wasn’t used to not being the only one around. The jealousy began shortly after Daddy headed back to school. You’ve been sat on. You’ve had pacifiers shoved in your mouth, sometimes while you are eating. You’ve been squeezed a little too tight and some affectionate pats have turned violent. But by the end of this month, I think Xavier has accepted that you are here to stay.

You are growing up and changing fast. Your newborn clothes don’t fit anymore and your cheeks and belly have doubled in size. Today at your one month appointment, you weighed in at over 11 pounds! No wonder I thought you had grown!

And since I know that you are quite possibly my last baby, I’m lamenting that fact. I’ve stared a little longer and snuggled you a little closer. And I’m trying to daily remember that controlling the chaos that sometimes is our life matters less and taking the time to love you and Xavier matters more!

God has so richly blessed our lives with you, Jordan, and this month has just been a small glimpse of that!


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