Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Two weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch with my parents and Erica on a rare day this October when it was NOT raining. (It was already kind of muddy then and it's rained SO much since then!) But we live about a two minute drive from Thies Farm and I'm so glad Xavier got to go to their "Pumpkinland" on a nice (albeit a little cold) day! Jordan stayed sleeping inside his stroller except for a few pictures. And I did take a LOT of pictures that day! Here's some of them (okay, it's a lot, but Grandma in California who has never been to a pumpkin patch is waiting to see them)!

Big tire that spun around...Xavier would have just stayed in here the whole afternoon!

And Erica could have done this all day...and she pretty much did!

Big tire swing

Sitting at the top of the slide...smiling in anticipation (notice the lady behind him wondering when he's going to finally go!)

Smiling down at Grandma

The maze for little ones

Loving the big slide with Daddy..."Again?" (must have gone down a dozen times!)

This picture makes me mad. Seriously mad. I have so many perfect pictures of them together. But how often is there a good picture taken with me in it?! Ha!

Nope, it doesn't happen. I even changed out of sweats in the off chance that we could get a family picture. Should have just stayed comfortable ;)

Jordan says what the heck is going on?! (Nice shoes...thanks, Aunt Katie and Rylee!)

Ready for a wagon ride

Smiling at Aunt Erica who was swinging with him

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