Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Month two

**I'm a little behind in posting this!**

Dear Jordan,

You’ve only been around for two months now, but it’s hard to imagine life without you. Even Xavier would say so. In fact, he asks me, “Where’d B-Jordan go? Where’d B-Jordan go?” often when you are still asleep after he wakes up in the morning. Perhaps instead of waking you up, he should learn to sleep longer.

You were baptized this month into God’s family. We were so blessed to see you welcomed as a child of God and pray that with the support of your godparents, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Katie, and Aunt Erica, and the rest of your family, you might grow daily in faith.

We can tell already that you are our peaceful, low-maintenance, laidback child. At your baptism, it wasn’t you screaming and squealing in surprise. No, that was your brother yelling for his mommy the whole time. Jordan, know that to get some attention somedays, you’re going to have to make a bit more of a fuss. It’s okay for your brother to learn that he isn’t always the center of attention.

In the last month, we have seen your personality develop. You love to smile and coo, especially when your mama or your grandma are talking to you or when you are in the bathtub. You spend a lot of that awake time watching us and worrying, furrowing those eyebrows of yours.

At two months, you are growing bigger and BIGGER each day. The day before your baptism we had to buy you some new pants because you had outgrown your original outfit. Apparently only 6% of the two month old population outweighs you. Perhaps this means that you are no longer in need of that middle of the night feeding? Let’s see what we can do about that.

Your baby acne has finally gone away, much to my relief. But it was only to be replaced by cradle cap, followed by a slowly receding hairline.

Yep, I’m smitten, in love, with a balding, chubby, little man.


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