Friday, October 23, 2009

Xavier's Birthday

Xavier's actual birthday was on a school day for his daddy, so we did most of our celebrating later. But I had set up streamers and balloons for when he came down for breakfast. I told him he had a surprise downstairs and he said, "Daddy?!" Unfortunately, he had slept in that day and Daddy was already gone. But he was very excited about his surprise!
(By the way, who thinks that I might never get around to posting pictures of our "new" house? But you can kind of see the living and dining rooms in these)

Xavier loved watching his birthday slideshow! ("Again?!")

We spent the rest of his birthday going to our Little Lambs playgroup, watching Erica run her cross country meet, and eating dinner and opening presents at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Jordan's pretty excited about the presents too!

And here's a couple of videos of Xavier on his actual birthday
(I apologize for my father yelling at the baseball game on the TV in the background :)

(If you listen carefully, you can hear one of Xavier's signature lines..."I broke it.")

(Edited to add: Xavier just watched these videos with me and went to get his little cart to reenact them. He is currently throwing it on the floor and saying "oh no, X!")

And at the end of the night, he got to go with Daddy to pick up Grandma Hill from the airport!

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