Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cookie monster

Heard a few minutes ago:

Daddy: What do you want for dinner?
Xavier: Cookies!
Daddy: No, we don't eat cookies for dinner. Cookies are dessert.
Xavier: Cookies?? Okay, cookies. (his oh-so-convincing way of trying to get us to give in)
Daddy: No, you have to eat something first. Do you want chicken?
Xavier: Cookies!
Daddy: Do you want soup?
Xavier: Cookies!
Daddy: Do you want noni (macaroni)?
Xavier: Cooookkkieeeeeess (whining).


Jamie Mueller said...

This could possibly be partly Uncle Jon's fault...not because he feeds him cookies but because he does the cookie monster voice so well everytime we see him!

Dana said...

kids can be so funny :)