Friday, October 23, 2009

Sesame Street Cupcakes

I wasn't planning on making these. Really, I wasn't. But I left a picture of them (yes, I was looking at them online) open on my computer and Xavier saw them and got SO excited. So I gave in...

Cake making is not one of my talents. But it is one of my sister-in-law Jamie's talents, so I recruited her to help! We had so much fun making these, although it was a little stressful at the beginning...check out this mess!

While Jamie and I made cupcakes, Xavier, along with his daddy and grandma, got to pet stingrays at the zoo! (This was his 3rd time petting them!) This video is kind of long, but listen for Xavier's giggle when he touches them.


Holly said...

At the Indianapolis zoo we have a touch area where the kids can reach in and touch sharks. They laugh and think it's great fun, similar to Xavier. Noah was watching the clip with me and he was laughing along with Xavier. Will you be at Aunt Gayle's for Thanksgiving? Just wondering because it would be great to see you and have your boys play together!

Rachel Hill said...

We'll be there! Glad to hear you will be too!