Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall Leaves

Any guesses as to what this is?

Well....this was Xavier's card that he drew for my cousin's little girl Hannah Joy. She was born just a month ago and her mama was lamenting the lack of fall leaves in Texas for photos after seeing these photos.

SOOOOO...Xavier, Jordan, and I went on a little leaf hunting expedition around the neighborhood, found the prettiest ones we could, and mailed them off to San Antonio! (We did cheat and pick them directly off the tree in hopes that they would be a little fresher and last longer).

Hannah's mommy has already taken some cute photos of her...

and you can see more here!

And back to Xavier's card...he just wanted to make sure they knew what to do with the leaves!

AAAANNND...if you are looking for a fun project with leaves, here is something that we have done the past two years. Press leaves for a day or two. Then paint both sides with Mod Podge. After a couple of layers, they become flexible and are actually preserved. Xavier had a lot of fun painting on the Mod Podge with me. Then we hole punched through the leaves, strung them on twine, and made them into a garland for the mantle:

This is last year's picture, because I was too lazy to take another one this year, but it actually turned out even prettier this year.

I've also read that you can preserve leaves using glycerin and soaking them, but I'm not sure where to buy glycerin...maybe we will tackle that next year!

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