Sunday, November 28, 2010

On my mind...a random list of ten.

1. Due to the allergy situation in our household, I’ve given up peanut butter. I like peanut butter. This makes me sad. I need ideas for new quick lunches.

2. We’ve started reading packages much more closely and peanuts (or traces thereof) are in everything. I usually buy off brand or Aldi brand for almost everything. It seems from my package reading that the off brands are much more likely to have traces of peanuts in them. For example, Aldi brand dried cranberries are made on equipment that may also be used for peanuts, but Oceanspray is not. Target brand Teddy Grahams may contain peanuts, but name brand does not. This is not good news. We don’t have money to buy name brand of everything and I don’t have time to coupon clip to any large degree. Apparently, having allergies is expensive.

3. My mom bought me a copy of Dobson’s Bringing Up Boys when we were Black Friday shopping together. I read the first chapter today where he describes what boys are like. I suppose this was intended to make me feel better because my boys are “normal,” but instead I felt a bit depressed…you mean they are not going to grow out of this crazy behavior?? Perhaps I should read past halfway through Chapter 2 before getting too depressed though.

4. I’m thinking about joining a gym. And then I remembered that Jordan can’t bear to be separated from his mommy and I’m not sure what would happen. I don’t think I could get much of a workout in if they call me back after he’s been crying for 10 minutes. He’s a little spoiled with mommy staying at home and really only having been left with Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Erica, Uncle Jon, Aunt Jamie, etc.

5. Speaking of leaving my kids with Grandma, Grandpa, and Erica…Matt and I went on a date on Friday night and saw the movie Today’s Special. It was good. It made us hungry. So then we ate Indian food at 9:30 at night. Yum.

6. I dug the Advent wreath out of the Christmas decorations tonight, put the new candles in, lit the first one, and THEN opened up the devotional. Which read December 1st. Darn. So I told Xavier that we would sing a song instead of reading a devotion. And what do you think he wanted to sing? Yes, Happy Birthday. To Jesus. It’s kind of appropriate though considering he celebrates everyone’s birthday for about a month leading up to it. So maybe we’ll sing Happy Birthday to Jesus every night before we blow out the candles. :)

7. Xavier was in his room for a timeout yesterday. When he got out of timeout, he asked Matt if he was ready to say he was sorry. When Matt asked him why he needed to say he was sorry, Xavier replied—for not coming to get me.

8. I’m probably going to run the Frostbite Series of races that the St. Louis Track Club puts on during December-February. I’m trying to decide between the long set of races (12K up to half marathon) and the short set of races (3K up to 4 miles). I need to decide quite soon because I either need to start running much longer or much faster in my workouts. Hmmmm...

9. Jordan refuses to eat meat for the most part. He’s had very small quantities of meat a couple of times in some soup (chicken) and one pizza (ham). But I seriously can’t remember him ever just eating a piece of meat before. Tonight he did for the first time. And it was….a hot dog. Great. So healthy and nutritious.

10. We watched the movie Babies this weekend with our kids around. Their reactions? Xavier said about forty times—“What are those babies doing?!” and Jordan wanted mama milk after watching…


Jessica Lyn Luebbe said...

You make me laugh Rachel. :)

Rebekah said...

pretty much the entire post made me smile...except b jordan's allergies. and the giving up of peanut butter. it gives me the shivers just to think about it. greek yogurt rocks, but it rocks more when you don't have to pay for it...hummus? hmmm this is hard.
p.s. i want to know *how* you got matt to watch a movie with the title "babies"

Rebekah said...

p.p.s. do you like those fiber necklaces that kelle hampton talked about? i was thinking of getting one to make a "new" Christmas outfit without spending as much money

Rachel Hill said...

Rebekah--I read your post and then googled and "kelle hampton fiber necklace" and figured out what you were talking about. Then I was like wait--Rebekah can crochet? And I was impressed. And then I read that you were buying one. Which is still cool :)