Monday, November 29, 2010

My kids eat spinach for breakfast...

I discovered a month or so ago that if you put spinach in a smoothie that has blueberries in it, it is virtually undetectable. We make a smoothie most mornings and here is one basic recipe (and I use the word "recipe" quite loosely):

blueberries (all fruit is frozen)
green tea or juice or even Crystal Light lemonade
vanilla yogurt

Just don't try the spinach without the blueberries there to mask it!

Hmmmm...I wonder if we could use this trick to get Aunt Jamie to eat vegetables??? That might be the true test! ;)


SunFlower Seeds Jamie Mueller said...

OMG did I eat this at your house???? AHHH!!

Rachel Hill said...

Actually, I don't think there was any spinach in that one, Jamie. I started doing it pretty recently. BUT I made Jon taste it the morning he came to my house to get Xavier and he said he couldn't tell!