Monday, November 15, 2010

What has Days come to?!?! :)

So back in the day, like way back in the day, I used to watch Days of Our Lives. A couple of times a week during the summer when I was in high school. The amazing thing about soap operas is that you can stop watching for months at a time and watch for a day or two and catch right back up.

(By the way, I haven't watched in years, so I really don't think they are that "amazing"!)

I happened to catch a link on the yahoo homepage tonight thought about ridiculously blatant product placement on Days of Our Lives and I just had to click and read...and watch.

Ironically, I think I started watching Days in high school with Christine and Amy primarily to make fun of it...this was back in the days of Marlena being possessed and such. And now, it appears that it would be even more fun to mock.

Did NOBODY stop and say--Wait, a minute! This is weird?!?! Makes you wonder...

And perhaps the best one, Midol...

There are more, but I'll let you google them on your own...

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