Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So...last year, I made an ABC book for Xavier for Christmas. A is for Aaron, B is for Brother, C is for Cardinals, etc. with the whole alphabet personalized with pictures. I printed it at home and then laminated and bound it at Kinko's. I probably could have found a cheaper way to laminate and bind it, but I wanted it to be indestructible for his tear-the-flaps-off-rip-the-pages-boy-is-it-fun-to-destroy-things two year old self. And it has held up really really well.

Now, I would love to come up with another idea for a homemade picture book this year. Taking a children's book's words and substituting our own pictures? A counting book (this doesn't sound as fun because I would have to intentionally take pictures instead of using the millions I already have). Maybe I should make a new ABC book for Jordan this year since he is really into reading his brother's?

Does anyone out there (HEY YOU--I KNOW FROM MY SITEMETER THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE READING THIS EVEN IF YOU DON'T COMMENT :) have any great ideas or links to ideas on the internet?

Thanks in advance!

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Rebekah said...

sitemeters are creepy. you are creepy. even so, i will think of books for you. now let the records dhow: I COMMENTED. :o )