Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Of all of the videos that we have taken with our Flip video camera in the last year and a half, this is my favorite.

I love it. I love that Jordan is 5 days old here and the nickname that my little 22 month old gave him then is still alive and well. He is our "B," our baby. And he might always be.

A funny thing about this is when we named our boys I insisted on names that could not be shortened to one syllable because our last name is so short already. But nicknames have a way of appearing even if you don't plan on them!

Today Xavier and I were discussing this video. As in, I asked him, remember that movie where you said, "On no, B Jordan"? And then he tried to convince me that he had said "Oh no, Hobo Duck."

Yes, Hobo Duck. Because that is his new nickname for B. I mean Jordan.

We don't know where Hobo Duck came from. But we do find it quite funny and Matt tries to use it as much as possible.

Xavier's nickname from Jordan is "Brubba" (brother). I'm looking forward to more of these as the boys grow up...

By the way, when we watched that video today, you know, to check to make sure it didn't say "Oh no, Hobo Duck," Xavier told me that he was so little--he was only two! I had to inform him that he actually was only one here (although almost two). Oh, how time flies...

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