Saturday, November 13, 2010


Between All Saints Day a week ago and Veterans Day on Thursday, losing three of my grandparents this year has been on my mind and in my heart lately.

On Thursday, I ventured out to the Kamphoefner farm with the boys to work on a project. This video was not the intended project. I'll write more on that (and my failure to use common sense) later.

But this is what came of it. The song is from Sara Groves. I had just gotten her CD "Fireflies and Songs" in late spring when we knew that Grandma was not going to be with us much longer. I listened to this CD over and over again on our trips back and forth to the nursing home, so much so that some of the songs make me emotional. This is one of them...

(Photos are all taken on two days in the last few months--one during the early summer and the other recently in the tail end of fall.)

I've been mourning the loss of Grandpa Estrada and Grandma Alma and Grandpa Ruben and just yearning, wishing that they could somehow see my boys grow up, that somehow life could just intersect.

And then I realized. That intersection I'm yearning for is HEAVEN.

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