Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten on...Friday?

I've seen a lot of bloggers do "Ten on Tuesday" with a random listing of whatever comes to mind. Well, my edition is going to be on Friday instead.

1. Xavier's prayer in the car today: Dear God, Thank you God that Christmas is over...Thank you God for two pumpkins at the new house...Thank you God for three pumpkins at Mason's house (neighbor's little boy)...Thank you for a pumpkin on Mason's door...Thank you God for Mason's new little sister...Thank you for Hobo Duck Isaiah...Amen. (Yes, you read that correctly: Hobo Duck Isaiah.)

2. What is up with the people who have to sweep and blow and suck up every last leaf on their lawn? I mean, every single leaf! Are they trying to make their neighbors look bad? Does it really bother them that much if there are three leaves left on their grass? I say, RELAX.

3. I called my neighbor today and told her that I really would like to put her newborn in a pile of leaves and take her picture. And so we did. And I don't think she thought I was completely crazy.

4. Jordan has started calling me "Mammy" some of the time. I'm doing our best to change that to Mama or Mommy.

5. I think this is the last day in the 70's. And then this wonderful weather will be all gone. And winter will come. And I will be sad and depressed. I'm sad and depressed that I will soon be sad and depressed.

6. I read this devotion today and could relate to it, especially in relation to my post on letting go.

7. I'm so behind on updating my photography blog. It's so much faster to upload on facebook and most of my clients are on tehre anyway. I hope it's not a lost cause. I think sometime in a few weeks, I may be able to catch up. Maybe. You know...because there is always so much extra time around the holidays. Is there a faster or easier way to upload photos to blogger?

8. I'm so excited for my nephew to be born! No pressure or anything, Katie! This is what I made for his room and if you notice, N is for November. So I'm proud of this little guy for staying in there until November. But now it's time to come see us. :)

9. We are headed to San Diego for Christmas. I'm excited to see Matt's family and a little sad that we will be gone for Christmas Eve with my family. I haven't missed that since my freshman year of college when a certain basketball coach thought it was necessary for me to be in Nebraska for Christmas instead of with my family.

10. I did something really stupid yesterday. But nobody got mad at me. It's really nice when people are understanding and loving and helpful.

The what am I going to blog about the rest of the weekend?

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