Monday, November 22, 2010

New Challenge

Jordan's health has been a challenge for us for quite some time. Not really any major issues, but quite a few minor issues.

He had bloodwork done after his 15 month appointment and we found out that we are going to be facing a new challenge--allergies.

Apparently, our little guy has fairly strong (severe? high? not sure of the terminology YET) to peanuts and egg whites and also mild allergies to soy, milk, wheat, and sesame seeds.

I've been doing some reading at, but don't really know that much about allergies yet. We are being referred to an allergist, but our appointment is not until December 6th. The peanut allergy is severe enough that we are being prescribed an Epi-pen immediately.

Most of the foods (with the exception of peanuts/nuts, eggs, and milk) he has been eating on a regular basis. So I'm not sure if I should be eliminating all of those immediately or waiting until we see the allergist?

Any advice? Recipes? Websites? Experiences?

Thanks in advance from this concerned mama!


Bb said...

rice! i'm going through the same thing right now with gluten... rice doesn't have any of that in it, and a lot of gluten free things are mostly rice based.

Rachel Hill said...

Uggghhh...he currently only throws rice on the floor! :) What's tough is he is a really picky eater besides...

Jessica Lyn Luebbe said...

Poor guy! I wish I had some suggestions! Good luck!