Saturday, November 6, 2010


Lunch can be a difficult meal at our house. Who are we kidding--all the meals are difficult and result in my floor being covered in food.

But, anyway, I saw this great idea to make a face out of food.

And I decided I might as well give it a try. So here's what I came up with:

(Sharks (i.e. Aldi brand goldfish) for hair, string cheese for eyebrows, vanilla wafers and grapes for eyes, pear slices for ears and nose, frozen grape halves and cherry tomatoes for the mouth)

Here's Xavier's reaction to his "surprise lunch."

At first, he wouldn't eat anything because he thought it was so fun to look at. But he came around and ended up eating every last bite. We will definitely be trying this again.

And Jordan's reaction...this is his "This is going to be more fun to throw on the floor than usual" face. And that's exactly what he did. :)

Anybody out there have any other great ideas for creative (but still easy!!) lunches?


SunFlower Seeds Jamie Mueller said...

love this idea!!

Carolyn Brutlag said...

Even sandwiches can be turned into faces. One day when Sarah was helping us out at preschool, she cut one of the preschoolers' sandwich into a triangles and made a cute face. (I'd have to show it to you in person rather than try to explain it.) The other kids were pretty excited about it too.
Something about kids just brings out the creative in you!

Holly said...

I don't know if maybe your mom had some of the old aal cook books. there r kid ideas in there. The one I remember is using ramin noodles and adding blue food coloring and then cutting a hotdog to go on top so it looked like an octopus.